Governance & Compliance 16: Special Needs Intervention Panel (SNIPS) – Element 2

The purpose of the SNIPS process was to allow schools to apply for additional funding, where they could demonstrate that their Element 2 Funding was insufficient to fund the level of support needed for those pupils in receipt of Element 3 or Individually Assigned Resources (IARs). Access to SNIPs for maintained schools was across 2014/15 financial year and for Academies and Free Schools across 2014/15 Academic Year.

It has been reported by schools that the SNIPs process has been unhelpful and not particularly easy to access.

Therefore, following the end of transitional protection funding, and taking into account feedback from schools, we will be looking at alternative methods to address funding issues where there are significant differences between the amount of Element 2 allocated through formula and Element 2 required for current students. Any recommendations will have to go through the usual processes of approval.

In the meantime, SNIPs has ended for mainstream, and will end in September for academies. We will continue to monitor the situation via the threshold funding process, but any school that has a concern should contact the SEN 0-25 Team

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