Governance & Compliance 11: Capital EOY Accruals, Retentions & Site Spend

A number of spreadsheets are now available from the School Finance EOY webpages with regards to Capital debtors and creditors, retentions and site spend.

Debtors / Creditors

Please enter all capital debtors and creditors using the available spreadsheet online.

Capital Retentions

Please enter all capital retentions (these relate to capital projects where we delay paying the final payment until after a defects period) and note that as the work has been completed in the these should be included on your Creditor returns.

Site spend (single budget federations only)

For schools where there capital budget is combined for many sites the sped has to be broken down across the different sites. Federations which include Academies / Free Schools or VA schools do not need to show their spend as this should not be going through the CAPSCH (02 fund) account.

Please ensure that all spend on the capital fund has been recorded.

Any issues or problems then please do not hesitate to contact Stuart Hawkins ( 01392 383669.

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