Governance and Compliance 67: FRS Reporting

As previously mentioned at the Babcock Bursar Briefing back in February this year, at this point in time CAPITA had not yet updated FMS to allow schools to map I08a and I08b CFR categories to the various ledger codes and that this update to FMS would occur later in March or early April. Therefore, schools were informed at the Bursar Briefing that as FMS has not been updated, that the FRS database would also not be updated either until the new financial year (2020/21).

Nevertheless, we are aware that the update has recently taken place and almost all schools have correctly mapped the ledger codes to the new CFR categories I08a and I08b in FMS for 2019/20. Please note that the FRS database will not be updated until the new financial year and therefore, if you have correctly updated and linked the ledger codes to I08a/I08b then this will produce an error report saying that these ledger codes should be mapped to I08. Please ignore these error messages on this occasion as the system, as already mentioned, will be updated for the start of any FRS report submitted for 2020/21.

For further details on the coding list for 2020/21, please visit the School Finance Website (Click to view)

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