General 87: SecureNet Replacement Update – Please Read

As you will have seen there has been a corporate project to find a replacement for SecureNet as this will no longer be supported by RM from the 1st September.

RM have promised that SecureNet will now remain open until the 8th September to allow for schools to download any files that may have been sent over the summer holidays or not downloaded by the school before the end of term.

Schools Finance Team have agreed with School Phases that we will not send any files to schools during August and will send all notifications to schools using Anycomms from September. If you would like your files to be sent to the school during the August holidays as you will be wanting to work on them this can be done on request by contacting the School Finance Team.

The team intend to resend any finance files from July 2017 onwards via Anycomms at the beginning of September in case they have not been downloaded from SecureNet by the cut off date.

Whilst the Schools Finance Team will be adopting this procedure over the summer term, we cannot advise that other departments such as HR will be applying the same method. We suggest school download at every opportunity.


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