General 38: FPS Budget Plans

The Education & Learning Finance Team understand that a number of maintained schools have queried if the FPS budget plan needs DCC approval before it is to be imported back into FMS.

Once a school has created a budget plan within FPS and it has been approved by the governors, the budget plan can be locked and published within FPS so that DCC are able to retrieve a copy of the plan for analysis. In the meantime, the plan can be imported back in to FMS by the school.

If after reviewing the budget plan DCC have queries which leads to the budget plan requiring amendments, then the school would then be required to submit the FPS budget plan back to governors for approval. Once these adjustments have been completed and agreed by the governors, the school would then inform the Education & Learning Finance Team that this has occurred and a copy of the updated budget plan would then be retrieved.

ScoMIS have been informed that schools can import their FPS budget plans back into FMS as soon as the budget plan has been approved by the governors but it is recommended that schools do not fix the budget until the budget has been reviewed by the Education & Learning FinanceĀ Team.

We would also like to remind you that the deadline is the 1st May. Should you not be able to make this deadline of publishing your budget plan, please email explaining why the deadline cannot be met.

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