General 26: Child Nursery Voucher Schemes

Edenred, RG Childcare, Allsave, Apple, Care4, Co-op, Computershare, Fidelity, Kiddivoucher, Sodexo.

If you use one of the above providers are you aware that you can set up “multiple services” which will allow your income to be coded directly to the correct budget code, instead of it being allocated to Misc Income “9389”?

You will need to contact your provider and tell them that you would like to set up “multiple account services” and they will be able to advise you on how to set up all your budget codes within your account. This information will then be passed to Revenue, who will allocate your income directly to the quoted code(s).

Also as a reminder, please inform Revenue if you are using any voucher scheme. We require the name of the provider, child’s name and the budget code you want the income credited against. We receive a large quantity of payments with no information other than a child’s name – which of course means we cannot identify which school it relates to and consequently could result in the income remaining unallocated .

If you require further clarification please contact Sue Causon on 01392 383355.

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