General 140: Unallocated income

Are you expecting income from Childcare Voucher Schemes:  EdenRed, Sodexo , Comp Vouchers, Care4,  Kiddi Vouchers, etc ?

Please check your budgets  as Revenue have approximately 130 payments that cannot be identified – as the majority of payments only quote either a child name as the reference or a voucher number .

We have an array of descriptions  coming in with the payments quoting ,  just a Christian names , such as “  Olivia After School club” “ Thea Breakfast “ “ James , extra sessions”  this is just a few from the huge range of unidentified payments we are dealing with.  

If you are missing any expected income, please email  with your full budget code, the amount you’re expecting, and from which Voucher Scheme you’re expecting to receive the income from.

Without the Revenue Team receiving prior notification of any impending receipts, your  income could inadvertently be refunded back to the voucher company.

If your school is using a school voucher scheme please ask  the parents not to quote the child’s name but your full budget code such as G120,GXXXX,9331 etc, etc,  as this will allow our receipting system to auto-allocate your income.  

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