General 132: Cheque Processing – Revenue

Revenue have moved to new cheque reading and imaging scanning software. This is to automate and speed up the cheque deposit process  and eliminate fraud.

If you are sending cheques to Revenue, please adhere to the following guidelines – as the reading and scanning software is very sensitive. Where cheques are being rejected by the bank these will unfortunately be returned to you .

Badly handwritten cheques (these are now being rejected by the bank)

Staples (please remove all staples)

No tippex (scanning software cannot read)

No torn cheques (won’t go through the reader)

No Sellotape on cheques (won’t go through the reader)

All amendments to cheques must be countersigned by the payee

Cheques to be made payable to Devon County Council

If you have any queries on this, please email Revenue via

2 Responses to General 132: Cheque Processing – Revenue

  1. Sarah says:

    Many payees write DCC rather than Devon County Council, is this still ok?

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