Funding 53: Request to transfer 0.5% Schools Block to High Needs Block

Request to transfer 0.5% Schools Block to High Needs Block

Following a discussion at Devon Education Forum (20th November 2019) relating to the views given by schools, as part of the consultation process, on transferring funding from Schools to High Needs we have been asked to share the following proposal with schools and seek your support.

Devon requests school approval to transfer 0.5% of the Schools block to High Needs to be used to pump prime additional outreach support for Primary and Secondary schools so that they can accommodate the needs of individuals who have specific provisions identified within their mainstream Education Health Care Plan (EHCP). This proposal is to facilitate this through central support teams or where possible funding to the school to buy in the support needed. This transfer would not be used to offset the current deficit position.

Please refer to the supporting documentation on the website prior to completing your response to this questionnaire.

1) Evidence to support the proposal to transfer funding to the High Needs Block: Click to Open File
2) School Budget Comparator: Click to Open File

Response required by: 11:45pm Sunday 19th January 2020

Please use the following link to reply – Response Form

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