Funding 5: Targeted funding – Low Cost High Incidence SEN

Schools Forum has now agreed to provide a one-off targeted allocation to all mainstream, academy and free schools for school wide Additional Educational Need. £1.5m has been distributed at the end of October to schools on a per pupil basis.

It is important to note that this is one-off funding and does not form part of the individual school budget share.

4 Responses to Funding 5: Targeted funding – Low Cost High Incidence SEN

  1. Stephanie Bull says:

    What we each school be given per pupil? And when will we get it?

    • Ancilla McKenna says:

      Funding rate of £17.38 per pupil as recorded on the October 2013 School Census. Funding was released to schools and academies at the end of October.

  2. Jo Hutter says:

    Can you tell us how much per pupil so we can include a figure on Monitor report?

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