Funding 43: School Budget Share Calculator 2019/20 DEF Outcomes

We have uploaded a revised version of the School Budget Share Calculator to the consultation page of our website to reflect the decision made at the recent Devon Education Forum meeting around the transfer of 0.5% to the High Needs Block. You will have received correspondence explaining actions being taken by the authority.

The calculator is for illustrative purposes only – to enable schools to understand the changes in funding that may occur depending on the final outcome. The numbers of pupils are based on the October 2017 School Census.

Final Decision Column to use
Secretary of State approves disapplication to  transfer

Forecast Oct 2018 (Consultation)


Secretary of State declines disapplication to transfer

Forecast Oct 2018 (DEF Proposal – Option B)


Secretary of state declines disapplication to transfer AND Growth Fund monies received

Forecast Oct 2018 (DEF Proposal – Option C)


You will also see a tab called Consultation DEF which shows the effect of the decision for each Devon school across the three outcomes.

If you are wishing to see the effects of a rise or fall in pupil numbers you should use the consultation SBS calculator.

The ESFA are hoping to communicate decisions back, in time for local authorities to submit the APT within the deadline (21 January), and provide maintained schools with their budget shares by 28 February.

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