Funding 25: FPS Update Available – Please Read

HCSS have recently released a few optional updates – I’ve listed the effects of accepting/declining the updates below. Accepting updates will affect all scenarios which are not locked.

AWPU Values 

This will update the Age Weight Pupil Units (AWPU) figures – held on the Pupil Numbers page. (AWPU * Pupil Numbers = Basic Entitlement). If you decide to decline this update, you will have to update your AWPU rate manually.

Funding Factors/Headings

This will update all the Funding Factor Rates held on the Budget Share page (figures you will see on the School Budget Share Calculator). If you accept the update, it will overwrite any figures you may have already input on the Budget Share page and also update the funding factors.

If you have previously entered your Budget Share figures as a Lump Sum and wish to continue doing it this way, then you will need to decline the update. You will have to enter the updated funding factors manually by clicking Show Factors at the end of each budget line and update the funding rate to that of the new rate shown on the School Budget Share Calculator.

NJC Scale

Please decline this release from HCSS. This was released in error.

Pupil Numbers

This will update your Pupil numbers to the October ’15 census. However, they will not be broken down by Year Group. If you have already worked on Pupil numbers and they are up to date then please ignore this update.

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