Funding 23: Schools Budget Notification Letter and Calculator 2016-17

The Budget Notification Letter 2016-17 is now available on the Schools webpages, along with the School Budget Calculator and guidance notes for all Devon Mainstream Schools.

Separate budget notifications for Special Schools and Nursery Schools will be issued in due course.

Please note: Academies and Free Schools will receive their notifications direct from the EFA and the information on our website is for guidance only.

4 Responses to Funding 23: Schools Budget Notification Letter and Calculator 2016-17

  1. Carol Smart says:

    I have done a lot of manual input to my main senario, so as a test before update, I locked a copy of a different senario. When locked it can’t be amended. I then copied the locked senario to the working senarios, however, this working file is now named copy of copy of … As this will be the main working senario, can I rename it so that it doesn’t show as a copy?

    • says:

      Hi Carol,

      Yes, you can rename the scenario by selecting Edit in the dropdown box to the far right of the scenario on the Manage Budgets page.

  2. Kelly Hayward says:

    Thanks for this. When will this information be updated into the budget planning tool?

    • says:

      Hi Kelly,

      Within the next couple of days HCSS will be updating FPS with the 2016 School Budget Share for each school.
      Important note: We recommend that you save a copy of your plans you are currently working on and lock it so that no changes can be made to it as the update will effectively cancel out any manual work that the school has done on the pupil numbers and budget share.
      With this in mind HCSS have made the update optional for schools to accept. We therefore advise single budget federations that they should not accept the update as they have manually populated their budget share data and if they accept the update it will set their budget share data back to zero.
      All other schools should accept the update because it will ensure that their budget share matches their final funding statement.
      All Maintained schools must publish their FPS 3 year budget plan by 1st May 2016 .The Governing Body must approve the final budget prior to publication.

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