FRS – Budget Monitoring Reporting Back To DCC

Following the final Financial Reporting System (FRS) demonstration session yesterday, a webpage has been created to assist Devon Schools with the implementation of the new budget monitoring software. Within this webpage it contains a number of useful documents such as the ‘FRS User Guide’ and ‘FRS Assistance’ that details how to create, save and send your new monitor back to DCC.

We are currently typing up all the FAQs discussed at these meetings which will be published on the webpage shortly. Also, following previous FRS demonstrations with schools, we would like to point out that we have created a summary budget monitor and a detailed budget monitor template to assist schools in getting started in creating their own layouts. Please refer to page 6 of the ‘FRS Assistance’ document for further details.

Please remember that should you have a governors meeting after today you need to submit your budget monitor for the summer term using the new reporting template. However, should the governors meeting for the summer term already taken place prior to today, DCC will accept your old budget monitor.

3 Responses to FRS – Budget Monitoring Reporting Back To DCC

  1. Sue says:

    We are on Terminal Server but there is nothing in the “updates” folder, when I tried to download from the link on the webpage I just get gobble-dy-gook?!

    • says:

      We have informed ScoMIS of your issue and you should be contacted by ScoMIS very shortly, but in the future should you have a query or an issue regarding FRS then please contact ScoMIS on 01392 385300.

    • Sue says:

      update…….. brain fade on my part, I should have right clicked not left clicked!

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