Federations Preparing to Implement a Single Budget

We have recently had some enquires about what to do if your school is preparing to implement and convert to a single budget. Please read our newly created webpage where you will find who to contact, step by step guides, templates and links to other useful information

A reminder, If you are preparing to a implement a single budget, on our payroll sub-section there is an Excel template which needs to be completed and sent to Payroll and the Schools Finance Team to inform them which staff will be changing to a different school number. This need to be completed if it is the intention of your federation to implement a single budget as of 1st April.

All employees whose pay is currently attributed to non-hub school activity codes need to have their payroll records adjusted to the hub school, in time for the April pay –runs. In order to achieve this you will need to inform our Payroll team and the Schools Finance Team of these changes as soon as possible as they need to implement the changes by the end of March at the latest.

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