Employment Status – IMPORTANT! The Employment Status for Tax rules are changing again!

From 6th April 2021 Employment Status checks MUST be completed, and the contractor advised of their tax status, BEFORE the work begins.


The following must happen before work begins for all contractors working as ‘self-employed’ or through their own small businesses:

  • They must have a DCC employment status check completed
  • They must be issued a written confirmation of the status decision
  • They must be given a written Engagement Agreement if the result of their check is ‘treated as employed for tax purposes’



The Tax Compliance Team will provide you with all necessary documents and guidance. Help us to help you, by ensuring that tax status assessments are completed accurately and BEFORE any work starts.


Please see the following communication for more information: April 2021 – Employment Status for Tax Off-Payroll Working updated comms .docx (sharepoint.com)

Visit the Employment Status Portal – Home (sharepoint.com)

or email: employment.status@devon.gov.uk

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