Debtors Invoice/s

There are a significant amount of schools raising their own Invoices to debtors , especially to Babcock LDP and not raising an official DCC Invoice on headed paper.

Babcock will not pay them as it does not meet their standard Invoicing requirements.

In order for you to receive your income an official  DCC  Invoice must be raised to all Debtors , this can be done by completing a CT10/3, which must include all the relevant information to  assist the Debtor to identify the charge and  facilitate a prompt payment.  

Once  the  CT10/3 has been completed send it up to Revenue and we will raise an official invoice on your behalf, which will then be posted out to the debtor the following day.

All debt must be raised on DCC headed paper to ensure that the debt is recorded in our financial system and should the debt remain unpaid  it would then be pursued via  our debt recovery procedures. 

If  you require further clarification  please contact me on the number below.

Sue Causon
Revenue & Payments Section
Tel : 01392 383355

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  1. Marian Lancaster says:

    Is the CT10/3 available online. I still use the book with the carbon copy !

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