Closedown Bulletin – 3: EOY Debtors and Creditors

We are still missing over 50% of schools end of year debtor and creditor responses which should have been with us yesterday. Should you not have any debtors or creditors then please email and let us know, otherwise can you all complete the Year End Debtors and Creditors Spreadsheet.

Please remember that should you have further debtors and creditors after submitting your first list, simply complete another Year End Debtors and Creditors Spreadsheet with only the new debtors and creditors detailed.

All debtors and creditors submitted prior to 2pm today will be processed today with the financial reports going out tonight and every night until the end of the financial year. Please check these reports and come back to us immediately should you have a query. If after we have processed a debtor or creditor and you would like it removed then please contact

2 Responses to Closedown Bulletin – 3: EOY Debtors and Creditors

  1. Daphne Griffey says:

    Can we assume Year End spreadsheets have been received by the finance team if an emailed acknowledgment notification has not been received?

    • says:

      All spreadsheets received up until midday today will be processed today and notifications will be going out tonight. Any queries with schools regarding their debtors/creditors will be contacted in due course.

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