Closedown bulletin 11: EOY – March Supply costs

We have been made aware that the delayed Payroll run on the 24th April which covered the Supply claims for March 2014 have gone into Financial Year 2014/15 month 1 instead of Financial Year 2013/14 month 12.

To correct this issue we will raise the necessary journals centrally today (Friday 25th April) and these adjustments will appear as an external creditor within your accounts at year end. You will not be required to make any adjustments within your accounts.

Apologies for any inconvenience this will cause

2 Responses to Closedown bulletin 11: EOY – March Supply costs

  1. says:

    As stated above journals were raised on Friday. The reports will be run this evening to confirm the amounts that have been charged to your school accounts.

  2. Kay Pike says:

    This happens so many times!

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