Closedown 2020/21: AnyComms (Devon Transfer) – Additional Guidance for End of Year Adjustments workbook & Pre-populated Forms

It is understood that a number of schools have had difficulty locating the recently sent EOY adjustments workbook and Deficit/Surplus + X-Back Pay Creditors pre-populated forms in AnyComms.

Please be aware that these can be found within Devon Transfer and are currently available for completion by schools and the hub school in a single-budget federation.

Please make efforts to complete these forms in good time prior to the deadline of 26th March 2021 to ensure any queries can be resolved where necessary.

An additional guidance page for Devon Transfer has been made available under the ‘Year End Guidance’ heading on the following page of our website: Budgets – Support for schools (

If you have any further queries, please let us know via our mailbox:


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