Closedown 17/18 8: End Of Year Accrual Check Workbook

If you have submitted your accruals on or before midday on Friday, 23rd March then they have been processed and a report is now available for you to download via Anycomms. The Excel workbook contains a list of all the transactions which you can filter on within the ‘DCDL Download’ tab, whilst the ‘Analysis’ tab provides a summary of the transactions by CFR category and the forecast end of year position for 17/18 for all funds.

If you use the filter on the ‘DCDL Download’ tab and click on the ‘Detail’ column and then click on ‘Text Filter’ > ‘Contains’ and enter ‘eoy’, you will get a list of your end of year accruals. this should match the list that you have provided to the authority and should you have any queries regarding your end of year accruals, please contact the School Finance Team.

Accruals submitted on or before midday today (26th March) will be processed this afternoon and the workbooks for those accruals will be available tomorrow morning.

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