Closedown 17/18 2: Year End Tasks and Deadlines 2017-18

The Closedown timetable for 2017/18 has now been posted in the Year End Guidance on the Education & Learning website.

Please make sure you take time to read the tasks and deadlines carefully, and remember that the EOY accruals spreadsheet will need to be submitted on or before 20 March (first submission) and 29 March (final submission) – via Anycomms.

N.B. Like last year, you will be required to complete accruals for Travel and Supply staff claims for March due to the reduced timescale. More details in the Year end letter for central payment schools.

As some schools have experienced issues in being able to download the Mutual Fund Calculator from the School Finance Webpages. It has been agreed that in addition to all the documentation being available from the School Finance Webpages, all maintained schools have been sent a copy of the following spreadsheets via Anycomms:

  • Pay – EOY Creditors Workbook
  • March 2017 Payroll Claims Data
  • EOY Debtors & Creditors Workbook
  • Capital EOY Debtors & Creditors Workbook
  • Capital Spend By Site Workbook

If you have any queries or questions regarding the closedown timetable please contact the EAL Finance Team.

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