Closedown 16/17 2: Payroll Claims for Year End

In 2015/16 we saw the start of the changes to the year-end timescales for local authorities – and as a result, changes were made to the collection of information and deadlines for schools. This year is the second stage of this process which has seen further changes to the corporate timescales.  Late pay runs and supply claims relating to March will follow the same process as they did last year and therefore we will require accruals to be set up – to ensure that they are recognised in the current financial year (2016/17).

Schools will receive a schedule of the value of claims ‘x-backed’ to 2015/16 for them to make an informed judgement whether this can be used as the accrual for 2016/17, or whether they want to calculate their accrual based on actual information they have for March 2017. There is no backing data included in this document; schools should refer to last year’s information for full detail. If you wish to accrue for March 2017 you will need to complete the Pay – End of Year Accruals workbook and submit it via the Finance Community in SecureNet.

The same will apply to travel and overtime claims, provided these are submitted through the appropriate process.

If you have any concern as to whether an associated cost will be handled correctly please contact us.

As the first paragraph states this is due to corporate deadlines and we were expected by Central Government to produce the full statement of accounts 1 month earlier by 2017/18 than in 2014/15.

Payment advices are available to view on the 20th April for Teaching Staff and 25th April for Non-teaching Staff at the earliest. Therefore we cannot x-back the information as the accounts will be closed.

Note: If you chose not to provide any revised figures we will assume that you think these are suitable suggestions. If you do not want to include any cost for say travel – as it is not required this year please advise the EAL Finance Team.

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