Closedown 14-15 – 2: EOY Accruals

In the past couple of days we have processed over 130 accrual spreadsheets and have today ran the printouts for all schools showing the accruals that have been processed so far. We still have over 30 accrual spreadsheets that require further investigation and schools will be contacted on Monday 13th April regarding these queries. It is anticipated that any accrual spreadsheets sent before midday on Monday will be processed by the end of the day and will be included in the printouts, available for download on Tuesday.

Please note, that we have noticed a number of schools not providing sufficient descriptions for various accruals and descriptions such as “Grant” will not be accepted and will hold up the process of your accruals.

Finally, we are still missing 60 schools who have not yet submitted their accruals. If you are one of these schools, please make sure to submit your accruals as soon as possible and remember, if you do not have any accruals please email to let us know.

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