Cheque Banking Procedures

We have had a request from the Revenue Team to remind schools of the cheque banking procedures.

1.)   Can all schools ensure that cheques are stamped on reverse with the school name or number as this is an audit requirement.

2.)   Please ensure that they are signed.

3.)   No staples are to be left in cheques, as the Revenue Team has to remove them all.

4.)   Cheques must be made out to Devon County Council otherwise banks will reject them if not made out correctly.

5.)   Only one coding sheet to be used each time, as the Revenue Team is receiving a number of sheets where the cheques are divided for each item.

6.)   Up to 100 cheques can be put on the one sheet with extra cheques being listed on a plain sheet of paper if necessary.

7.)   Please ensure that the up-to-date coding sheet is used. A number of schools are still using the coding sheet with the separate section for school meals, but these went out of use when Devon Norse took over.

8.)   The Revenue Team also suggest that the cheques are add-listed before being sent. This would then highlight any discrepancies between the coding total and cheque total.

2 Responses to Cheque Banking Procedures

  1. Sue Downton says:

    I am sorry but I find this information very confusing. Where do we obtain a sheet that can take 100 cheques? Could someone contact me. Thank you.

    • says:

      You need to speak to the Revenue & Cashiers Section regarding this query and they can be contacted on 01392 382515.

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