CFR 2012-13 (update)

The ‘CFR 2012-13’ post released on the 29th October contained the incorrect date for schools to notify the Education & Learning Team of any corrections required, the actual date is Monday, 4th November 2013.

I am pleased to inform you that CFR data for 2012-13 is now available on the Schools Financial Benchmarking Website and on the School Finance Statistics Website.

As in line with previous data and the Coalition Government’s commitment to make data more accessible, CFR data for 2012-13 will be published as part of the 2013 Performance Tables data in January 2014 for members of the public to view.  The data will be published at individual school level using grouped categories of income and expenditure.  The full raw data will also be available to download and data that could lead to the identification of individual staff salaries will be suppressed.

We would be grateful if schools could view their CFR data as currently uploaded on the website, consider whether there are any errors in the data and where appropriate notify the Education & Learning Team by Monday, 4th November 2013.

3 Responses to CFR 2012-13 (update)

  1. Di Beer says:

    I do appear to have the odd variance (despite comparing all CFR mappings with the current coding guide), but nothing drastic, and my total income/expenditure is correct.
    I would imagine that most administrators/bursars were off on half term last week, so to receive notification of CFR data on 29 Oct and be given a deadline of Monday 4th Nov for notification of errors is almost impossible.

  2. Sharyn Hannaford says:

    Slight differences on certain codes

  3. Susette Barrett says:

    The period schools have been given to complete this is half term! How are they to do that?

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