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Administration 50: Maintained Schools Carry Forward Notifications to Finance Team

Dear Colleagues,

If you have not already done so, would you please notify us of any relevant carry forward as outlined in the Central Payment Schools Letter. Preferably no later than 24th May 2019.

“If you are intending to carry …

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Closedown 18/19 7: Pay Accruals reminder

Thanks to those schools that have already submitted their Pay accruals or nil returns for Pay related accruals, but a quick reminder to those that haven’t.

If you do not wish us to process Pay accruals based on those included …

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Closedown 18/19 6: Unclaimed Credits/Income Not Allocated


For Devon schools we have income on suspense which has not been allocated relating to childcare provision.  The credits have come from Computer Share Voucher Services and from HMRC, for the new Tax-Free Childcare scheme.  If your …

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Closedown 18/19 5: P11D Reminder

Thank you to those schools who have completed their P11D return for 18/19.

This is a reminder for those schools yet to submit their completed return, that they have until the 29th March 2019 to action.

Please see the …

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Closedown 18/9 4: Accruals Workbooks available

The EOY accruals workbook and PAY accruals workbook are now available via our webpage.

Important Note about the workbooks! When you open the workbooks, it will default to Excel Online. Please use the “open in excel” button in the …

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Closedown 18/9 3: P11D Form

We understand some schools are having issues accessing the P11D form. HR have asked that should any school still have any issues, that they contact them via their email address annualbenefitsdeclaration-mailbox@devon.gov.uk


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Closedown 18/19 2: Year End Tasks and Deadlines 2018-19 – update

We have had confirmation of two further deadlines which have now been added to the closedown timetable found on our website.

These are:

P11Ds: Please note for this year, the completion of the return has changed and you …

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Closedown 18/19 1: Year End Tasks and Deadlines 2018-19

The Central Payments Letter and close-down timetable for 2018/19 have now been posted on our webpage.

A lot of queries may be covered within the central payments letter so please take time to read it thoroughly.

When the End …

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