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Closedown 14-15 – 3: Task Reminder – SCRAPS final day to submit

Just a reminder to you all that tomorrow (15th April) by 3pm is the absolute last date to post SCRAPS payment submissions. Any errors may mean that costs are not posted to OLD YEAR (14/15).

Also when sending via

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Closedown 14-15 – 2: EOY Accruals

In the past couple of days we have processed over 130 accrual spreadsheets and have today ran the printouts for all schools showing the accruals that have been processed so far. We still have over 30 accrual spreadsheets that require

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Closedown 14-15 – 1: Grant Analysis

All maintained schools are required to evidence grants they have received during the year and what will be carried forward. Schools will not need to evidence the DSG.

It will also be necessary to check the terms of the grant …

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