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Budget Preparation 20: HCSS Update for 2019/20

Four separate optional updates have now been released.

If you’re a maintained schools that’s not part of a single budget federation, please read and follow these steps.

  1. Apply all four updates (Schools Budget Share, Pupil Numbers, NI and Superannuation, NJC

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Budget Preparation 19: School Budget Share Calculator 2019/20 available

The 2019/20 SBS Calculator is now available via webpage. Please also ensure you read the guidance notes that may answer some queries.

HCSS has not yet been updated with this data. Once it has been, another blog entry will …

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Budget Preparation 18: MFG and MpPF fix (please read)

HCSS have released a mandatory update to the system which will enable schools to amend their MFG and MpPF fields on the School Budget Share page. To edit those fields, click the drop-down box on the far right-hand side and …

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Budget Preparation 17: HCSS New Financial Year Open

Financial Year

Financial Year 2019/20 is now available in HCSS Budgeting (now called Access Education – Budgets).

You can switch between Financial Years via the Manage Budgets page, using the drop down menu in the top right-hand corner.


If …

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Budget Preparation 16: HCSS Optional Update to NJC Scales 18/9

HCSS have just released an update to the system to reflect the new NJC Scales which took effect from April 2018. This will be an optional update as schools may have put in their own inflation rates affecting 2018/19 and …

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Budget Preparation 15: HCSS Potential Staffing Issue

It has become apparent there is a potential glitch in the Staffing side of HCSS where schools may have manually edited an existing contract, inflating values and removing FTEs. HCSS are aware of this and are currently investigating the problem. …

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Budget Preparation 14: HCSS Back Working

The School Finance Team have had it confirmed that the error that schools encountered with HCSS Budgeting this morning has now been fixed. You should be able to log-in and continue updating your budget plan scenarios as per usual.…

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Budget Preparation 13: HCSS Currently Unavailable

It has come to our attention that HCSS Budgeting is currently unavailable and although you may be able to log-in, any changes you make will not be saved.

HCSS are aware of the issue and are working on a solution.

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Budget Preparation 12: Revised SBS Calculator

A revised SBS Calculator has been uploaded to the Finance webpages, as an error has been found in the calculation of the Secondary Prior Attainment for the 2019/20 Financial Year. We apologise for the inconvenience.

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Budget Preparation 11: HCSS Budgeting (FPS) Updates

HCSS has apologised for not initially providing an update to the AWPU rates along with the other updates the other day. HCSS then provided an AWPU update yesterday afternoon to correct the AWPU rates for future years, but unfortunately contained …

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