Cash Collection 2014

The Supply of Cash Collection and Cash in Transit Services has recently been re-tendered and we are now pleased to advise that G4S will be continuing with the service for a further 12 months with to option to extend by a further 12 months. The new contact commence from 01/04/14.

We have managed to obtain a reduction in cash processing and collection charges – all collections will be charged at a flat rate of £13 (previously £13.46). Cash processing will now be charged at 43p per £100.00 counted 62p.

G4S will continue preparing and maintaining your schedules and any changes must continue to be routed through G4S direct. Direct telephone number: 01392 466567 – quote contract no. 3243557.

These further enhancements to the contract will ensure a reduction in the current charges levied by G4S which will benefit your budget.

Thank you for your assistance.

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  1. Sally Blayney says:

    This change will be a huge extra cost for schools, e.g. paying in £4000 catering every two weeks £17.20 plus £13 is £60 per month instead of £26.92. We will need to rethink how we go forward with this, and I was not aware this was happening.

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