Budget Preparation 4: Support Staff (NJC) Pension Rate in HCSS Budgeting

It has been brought to our attention that the planned increase to the Support Staff (NJC) Pension rate to 23.3% from 19.75% has not been included in HCSS Budgeting. An update will shortly be rolled out for the schools to accept. As always, the updates will only affect the “Working Budgets”. If you have already published your budget you will need to copy it back to Working Budgets and then apply the update.

Once accepted, this update will only affect new contracts created. To have your existing contracts updated with the correct percentage, you will need to amend the percentage held in SIMS and then reimport the contracts into HCSS – otherwise SIMS would overwrite the new rate with the old rate each time you import.

2 comments on “Budget Preparation 4: Support Staff (NJC) Pension Rate in HCSS Budgeting

  1. Di Beer says:

    Is this from 01/04/2017 for LGSA?

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