Budget Preparation 31: 2021/22 Budget Preparation – De-Delegation

De-Delegation is agreed annually by schools through the consultation process. De-delegation rates are calculated annually, as budgets are impacted by the academisation of schools and any surplus or shortfall of funding in the budgets identified. The 2021-22 rates, detailed below, has seen a change in the de-delegation rates due to surplus funding being available in budgets covered by the de-delegation and budget demand.

For budgeting purposes please note that the rates may revert to the 2020/21 rates of de-delegation in 2022/23 and following years, however this is an unknown. In setting budgets beyond 2021/22, using the 2020/21 rate of de-delegation is the preferred and most prudent option to use.

The following de-delegation rates has been changed in 2021/22:

  • Support for schools in financial difficulty and exceptional events from
    • Primary: £23.919 to £15.812
    • Secondary: £23.559 to £15.785
  • Maternity Cover from £21.440 to £10.551
  • Copyrights
    • Primary: £0.153 to £0.158
    • Secondary: £0.127 to £0.158

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