Budget Preparation 20: HCSS Update for 2019/20

Four separate optional updates have now been released.

If you’re a maintained schools that’s not part of a single budget federation, please read and follow these steps.

  1. Apply all four updates (Schools Budget Share, Pupil Numbers, NI and Superannuation, NJC scale)
  2. Check pupil numbers – Schools will need to re-enter future year assumptions and amend first year pupil numbers so they are not averaged out per curriculum year group. It is important the total balances back to the figures released in the update otherwise the budget share wont balance (these should be reflecting your October 2018 census).
  3. Schools will need to re-enter Early Years, High needs and any Budget adjustments they may have entered on the Budget Share page.
  4. NJC Scale – The software now matches the April 2019 scale. Any new imports from SIMS should now tie up with the correct NJC scale point and value.

If you’re a maintained school that is part of a single budget federation, please read and follow these steps.

  1. Apply update for NJC, and also the update for NI and Teacher Superannuation. Do not apply updates for Pupil numbers and Schools Budget Share.
  2. Combine the pupil numbers for all schools within your single budget federation and enter them by year group (reflecting the October 2018 census). This is important so that the correct AWPU can be applied to each year group.
  3. Combine the figures provided in the School Budget Share calculator, and add them as “lump sum” figure on the School Budget Share page. This can be done on the right hand side of each appropriate field, by clicking “show factors” and then clearing any percentages, and adding the figure in the “lump sum” field.

If you encounter any issues, please email financeschools-mailbox@devon.gov.uk

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