Budget Preparation 1: SBS Calculator Finalised for 2017/18

At the School Forum meeting on 16th January 2017 the members of the forum voted against the recommendation to transfer the funding of £1.46 million from the Schools Block to the Central Block within the DSG that will cover the statutory duties provided by the Local Authority (note: this is new money to the Schools Block, but not new money to the Local Authority as a whole to support Education).

We have now received the following adjudication:

The Secretary of State’s adjudication is to uphold the dis-application request for the authority to receive the ESG funding of £1.46 million for 2017/18 for retained duties.

As a result, the webpage has been updated to show the approved School Budget Share Calculator. If you have already started your budget preparation, please review your figures to the new calculator – to ensure the information is correct.

N.B. FPS has not yet been updated to reflect the figures for 2017/18, but HCSS are currently working on this. There will be a follow-up blog entry to confirm both when this is available (anticipated within the next few days), and any related guidance.


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