Budget Plan for Primary, Secondary, Special & Federated Schools for 2015-18

The budget planning tool is almost complete and should be ready for testing in the next couple of weeks. I am therefore looking for a small group of around 10-15 DCC maintained schools to test the budget planning tool prior to its full anticipated release later in November. Should you wish to apply please contact Warren Smart. Please note that should you be approved to test the budget planning tool, you will be required to complete a short test report. This report is simply a check list indicating that you have tested the various features/functions and they are all working as you would expect and if not, you will be required to report back any issues as soon as possible for investigation.

The benefits of being able to test the budget plan early, means that you will be able to work on your 2015-18 budgets much earlier than other schools and on the final release, all your data will be copied across to the final release version.

One improvement issue I continue to investigate is where schools employ a member of staff on a 42 to 51 week contract, such as catering or premises. If your school employs a member of staff on such a contract, please can you contact Warren Smart as soon as possible.

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