Budget Plan 2014-2017

Yes, it is almost that time again when the latest version of the budget plan becomes available and with this in mind we are looking for 5-10 schools who would like to trial the latest version prior to its release in November.

We would anticipate that the schools who trial the budget plan prior to its release will test the spreadsheet thoroughly and where possible try out all the functions and reports. In return, you will be able to make a start on your budget plan much earlier and you will not have to worry about having the latest version, as all the data will be moved to the final release once testing has finished.

If you are interested in testing the budget plan prior to its release, please email Warren Smart with your name and contact details.

4 Responses to Budget Plan 2014-2017

  1. education.finance says:

    Thank you to all the schools who have got back to us in double quick time. We now have enough schools to test the budget plan and will be in contact with you all early next week.

  2. Jo Nutbeam says:

    Be great to get a head start on the budget planning!

  3. Kelly Hayward says:


    I will happily test it if you need volunteers.

  4. Bridget Millman says:

    I would be happy to test the budget plan but would assistance be given in how to use the plan and how to enter data. This would be for The Flying Start Federation (Buckland Brewer and Parkham) Primaries.

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