Budget Plan 2014-17 (update)

 It has come to our attention today that an error has been reported and occurs after entering a grade (either typed or chosen from the drop-down list) within the ‘Teachers Performance Related’ tab and a sort is then performed. The ‘Auto Increment’ option within the ‘Teachers Performance Related’ tab can still be used, but until this error can be resolved, please do not use any of the sort options available within the ‘Teachers Performance Related’ or the ‘Teachers’ tab. You can still use the budget planning tool as per normal as this does not impact on any other features of the budget planning tool. A solution is currently being devised and will be made available as soon as possible.

2 Responses to Budget Plan 2014-17 (update)

  1. lesley godfrey says:

    How do I get the trial balance to import as it does not seem to work?

    • education.finance says:

      The trial balance export must be saved as a csv file for it to import correctly and on some instances schools have saved the files as xls or xlsx files, which will either cause an error or the file will simply not import. If this is not the case and you are receiving an error message during the import routine or nothing is being imported, then please email warren.smart@devon.gov.uk to arrange an appropriate time and day when it would be possible to log-in via CentraStage to your computer to view the issue that you are experiencing.

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