Administration 78: Schools Mutual Fund – Claim Percentage question in response to Covid-19 Lockdown

The Schools Mutual Fund claim form now provides the opportunity to create a reduced claim, in response to the Covid-19 national lockdown. This added flexibility will allow schools to submit a Mutual Fund claim at a reduced percentage, where an employee has been able to complete a proportion of their role remotely, provided they have not been signed off by a GP.

This would be ideal in the following example scenario:If a teacher completed equivalent to 20% of their contracted hours remotely during a month, then a Mutual Fund claim can be submitted for the 80% of hours that weren’t worked during the month, provided that cover was required for the post-holder, as per standard Mutual Fund Terms and Conditions. To make the example claim, you would need to enter ’80’ for question 3A in the claim form.

Question 3A has been added to the Mutual Fund Claim form to request the claim percentage. Note that this is a mandatory field, so you must always add a claim percentage, even if you are completing a full claim at 100%

Please be aware of the following:

  • Claims relating to this new flexibility are from January 2021 until further notice, no retrospective claims are permitted. (January 2021 claims must be submitted to the team by 28th February 2021 as per regular Mutual Fund Terms)
  • Claims are still subject to regular Mutual Fund terms, found on the Mutual Fund website:
  • During the Covid-19 pandemic, all guidance is subject to change as the situation evolves and to ensure the sustainability of the Mutual Fund for the future

Any queries regarding claims, please direct these to our mailbox:

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