Administration 71: COVID-19 HMRC Furlough Grant

The HMRC Furlough Grant has now been passported out to schools via CLASS. Notifications and Cash Adjustments have been sent to schools via AnyComms, providing detailed payment calculations. The payments have been processed against item code 9219 – Furlough Receipts (HMRC) for each school, which falls under CFR Category I18 – Additional Grant for Schools.

I18A: income from the Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme for staff who were furloughed by the school.

Our CFR Coding List has now been updated with Item Code 9219 and can be found on the following webpage: Coding and CFR

NOTE: Please be aware that schools will not be able to link to the new CFR categories, such as I18A,B,C or D until the Spring CAPITA update to FMS. This will also apply to any other upcoming CFR category changes in-year

If you have any queries, please contact us via our mailbox:

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