Administration 64: Mutual Fund Claim Guidance (COVID-19)

Mutual Fund guidance for the Coronavirus (COVID-19) is given below, however, is subject to change due to the constantly changing nature of the outbreak.

Advice for Schools

If a member of staff is advised by the NHS to self-isolate, they should follow their instructions which will include remaining away from work.

If staff are not attending work due to self-isolation, please refer to the three scenarios below:
If the employee is ill and not able to work, this should be recorded as sickness absence in the usual way.
If the employee is not ill and able to work from home, they should do so.
If the employee is not ill but it is not possible for them to work from home, they will receive normal pay and their absence should not be recorded as sickness absence. The absence should be recorded on iTrent (Category – Absence other – special leave, and self-isolation should be selected from the drop-down list). This will enable reporting on self-isolating numbers etc.

Mutual Fund claims will be evaluated using the current standing terms and conditions, these can be found on our Mutual Fund webpage: Link to the Mutual Fund Webpage

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