Administration 63: Schools Mutual Fund 2020/21

Non-Maintained Schools – Please note

We will require all current Non-Devon Maintained (Academies/Free Schools) members to complete the online form linked below by the 27th March 2020

Please complete the Non-Devon Maintained Schools Online Staffing Form on the Mutual Fund website, using your January 2020 payroll data: Link to the Online Staffing Form

Note that where we don’t receive figures from a member school, they will cease to be a member from the 30th April 2020 as we are unable to calculate the premium for the year without this information.

New members wishing to join the Mutual Fund 2020/21
Please complete this form: Link to Join the Mutual Fund Form
New members will be subject to a 7% joining fee, in addition to the premium for the first year.

Existing member Amendments 2020/21
Any amendments to membership level can be sent to our team up until 27th March 2020.
Please complete this form for existing member amendments: Link to Amend existing Mutual Fund Subscription Form

Members wishing to leave the Mutual Fund 2020/21
If you would like to leave the Mutual Fund and do not want to renew for 2020/21, please complete the leaver form via the following link: Link to Leave the Mutual Fund Form

These adjustments must all be received by 27th March 2020 to be actioned for 2020/21
The Mutual Fund Calculator is now available for 2020/21: Link to the 2020/21 MF Calculator
Please see our Mutual Fund Webpage which provides additional guidance and an FAQs page, but should you have any further questions, please email the Mutual Fund Team.

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