Administration 51: Maintained Schools Carry Forward Notifications to Finance Team

As previously mentioned on the School Finance Blog back on the 9th May 2019, it is a requirement to notify the Local Authority of any relevant carry forward as outlined in the Central Payment Schools Letter. However, not all schools have responded and some of those that have, have not provided a detailed explanation.

If you have ended 2018/19 with a large end of year surplus balance please notify us (

A large balance would be 5% or more of delegated resources (School Budget Share) for Secondary schools or 8% or more for Special and Primary schools. There will be no requirement to report where the balance is less than £50,000.

Please make sure that any outstanding responses are completed by the end of play on the 5th July 2019.

We also still missing a few end of year 2018/19 FRS reports. If you have been contacted over the past week or so by the School Finance Team and have not yet submitted your FRS report, please do so immediately.

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