Administration 49: Teachers Pay Grant Ledger Code Correction

We have had to make a late adjustment to the ledger coding in relation to the Teachers Pay Grants paid earlier in the year (as per DfE guidance). The journals you will see happen are debiting 9066 and crediting 9152.

9152 is a new income code and should sit under CFR code I01 with a narrative of “Teachers Pay Grant”.

2 comments on “Administration 49: Teachers Pay Grant Ledger Code Correction

  1. Sue Hawker says:

    Is there any chance that you could let us know which CFR category code 9152 belongs to and how you would like the code to be set up please? I don’t have it on my system and it doesn’t seem to be on the coding list …

    • says:

      As stated on the blog posting (Administration 49: Teachers Pay Grant Ledger Code Correction) you will need to create a new income code and map it to CFR I01. Should you require assistance on how to do this, please contact your Babcock Finance Officer or Scomis.

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