Administration 4: Unknown Income

Have you banked £310.90 on 15th September?

We have received the above amount with no details other than:

  • £102.15 Dinners
  • £113.75 Trips
  • £95.00 Swimming

If this is your income please contact the Revenue Team ASAP on 01392 383355 or email


Sue Causon
Finance Manager

3 Responses to Administration 4: Unknown Income

  1. sue causon says:

    Nice try Julian , If I could I would, as I’d rather give it to a school than let it sit unclaimed !
    Whoever is banking this money are unfortunately not checking their budgets as we have had several other large amounts banked since with no details at all.
    I have managed to trace it to the main bank in Newton Abbot but as seven other branches have the same sort code , I have now way of knowing which one it is ! .
    As yet the money is still unclaimed .

  2. Julian Thomas says:

    If no one does claim it… can it be shared around the 300+ Devon schools?
    (I’d be grateful of a £1 increase to my school budget.)

    • says:

      If you don’t ask you don’t get, but unfortunately I believe that it has been claimed ;-(

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