£3M Support Fund for Service Children in State Schools

Please see the attached documents of information with regards to the next round of £3M Support Fund for Service Children in State Schools, who have 5 or more service children in their school. The Fund application pack is made up of five documents, namely:


      i.        A covering letter – which explains a little more about the Fund.


     ii.        FAQs – frequently asked questions, these will be updated, weekly, on the Directorate Children & Young People website https://www.gov.uk/directorate-children-and-young-people


    iii.        The application form itself. Only electronic versions will be accepted.


   iv.        A scoring sheet – this is not for completion by applicants but explains in a little more detail what the Panels will be looking for when reading the applications.


    v.        Bid ideas sheet.


 Details of where to send completed forms and any enquires are included in the documentation; the closing date is 1200hrs on 19th December 2013.

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