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General 149: Claims for Exceptional COVID-19 Costs

On 24 June, the Department for Education (DfE) updated their guidance on funding for exceptional coronavirus costs for schools. The update clarified that costs associated with wider opening cannot be claimed through this fund, and need to be covered …

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General 148: School Trips – HIGH IMPORTANCE – Financial Impact

School Trips – HIGH IMPORTANCE – Financial Impact

Many schools have booked School Trips that have been impacted adversely by the pandemic. We have put together some information to help you navigate the situation – and some of the pit …

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General 147: PLEASE READ – RM (AnyComms+) Contract Renewal Email Invite

The Education Finance Team are aware that RM have sent a contract renewal email invite to all AnyComms+ users.

Please do not take any action with this email and ignore it until further notice. There is no need to respond

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Monitoring & Reporting 63: Clarification of CFR treatment for supply workers

Please ensure that the correct CFR heading and coding is being used when considering an agency supply worker. The guidance below helps to clarify which heading is appropriate for the type of work completed by the worker.


Teaching –

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Administration 70: Schools Mutual Fund Claims – COVID-19 Update

As COVID-19 guidance from Central Government continues to evolve, please see below revised guidance relating to Schools Mutual Fund claims.

Schools Mutual Fund – COVID-19 Guidance

The purpose of the Mutual Fund is to support schools by offsetting some of …

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