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General 143: Transaction Notifications from CLASS

Please be aware that the team are currently having difficulty in producing transaction notifications which would normally be sent via AnyComms, prior to the cash adjustment report.

To avoid any delay in processing entries during April 2020, schools will receive …

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General 142: Access Education Free Surgeries

We have been informed that the Access Education Services Team are running free surgeries to help users with training and support across the software package.

These sessions will run in either a 1-2-1 format or, for more common topics, may …

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General 141: Online Journal System

The Online Journal System is now functioning correctly following a short period of downtime. Unfortunately, the downtime has caused a backlog of transactions which are now being processed as a priority. Apologies for the inconvenience caused by this, however, we …

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Closedown 19/20: Maintained Schools – Deficit or Surplus for 2019/2020

If the Deficit or Surplus tab was not completed on the 2019/20 EOY Debtor & Creditor Workbook, please ensure that any carry forward balance has been explained by sending an email to our Finance Schools Mailbox by clicking the link …

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Closedown 19/20: Final School Accounts

Please be aware that the EOY Debtors & Creditors + PAY Creditor workbooks as they have been received, have now been processed through the accounts and represent the final position for each school.

There were a number of erroneous entries, …

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