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Budget Preparation 24: Access Budgeting 2020/21 – New Financial Year Update

Financial Year 2020/21 will be available from tomorrow (26/02/2020) in Access Education – Budgets

Financial Year
You can switch between Financial Years via the Manage Budgets page, using the drop down menu in the top right-hand corner.

If you …

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Administration 61: Mutual Fund 2020/21 Mutual Fund 2020/21 – New Members/Amendments and Leavers

As announced at the recent Bursar Briefings, the premium for teachers has reduced by 20% and support staff by 10%.

New members wishing to join the Mutual Fund 2020/21
Please complete this form: Link to Join the Mutual Fund Form

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Administration 60: Mutual Fund 2020/21 – Non-Devon Maintained Schools

Please note
We will require all current Non-Devon Maintained (Academies/Free Schools) members to complete the online form linked below by the 27th March 2020

Please complete the Non-Devon Maintained Schools Online Staffing Form on the Mutual Fund website, using your …

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General 138: Raising Debtor Invoices – Payments & Revenue Team

The current process of using CT10/3s is under review and likely to change in the coming months. The current process restricts our ability to act quickly to recover debt owed to schools and the authority. We will move towards an …

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General 137: Understanding iTrent Cost Codes – Maintained Schools

A document has been prepared by the Finance Team to provide maintained schools with further information about cost codes in Devon County Council and how iTrent allocates them.

The document can be accessed via the following link: Understanding cost codes

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Budget Preparation 23: SBS Calculator 2020/21

The School Budget Share submission has now been approved by the ESFA, so the provisional calculator has now become the final version. Please see the following link to access the calculator.

Link to the Budgets page on the Schools Finance

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Budget Preparation 22: Provisional SBS Calculator 2020/21 Version 2

Please be aware that a new version of the SBS Calculator has been uploaded to the finance webpages. Link to the Budgets area of the Finance Schools Website

A change to the De-Delegation calculation has been made which impacts the …

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General 136: Upcoming Babcock Bursar Briefings – February 2020

One final call to all schools wanting to attend the Babcock Bursar Briefings on the 11th at Buckfast, 12th at Caddsdown and 13th at Exminster next week. Please can you make sure that you have booked your place by visiting …

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