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Administration 52: Supplementary Fund to the Teachers Pension Grant

The Department for Education has announced an accompanying funding to the Teachers’ Pension Grant, being a Supplementary Fund.

Schools will be able to apply to the fund if their grant allocation falls short of their actual pension cost increase between …

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General 133: Press Release from Education Funding Collaboration Group

Please see attached press release from the Education Funding Collaboration Group, which includes f40, NEU, NAHT and ASCL, about the funding we all believe should be set aside for schools up to 2022/23.

It is the first time the groups …

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Governance & Compliance 63: 19/20 Summer FRS Reports

The 19/20 summer FRS reports are due in from all maintained schools to the Local Authority on or before the end of the summer term. Please make sure that these have been submitted using Anycomms via the ‘Finance Information’ community.…

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General 132: Cheque Processing – Revenue

Revenue have moved to new cheque reading and imaging scanning software. This is to automate and speed up the cheque deposit process  and eliminate fraud.

If you are sending cheques to Revenue, please adhere to the following guidelines – as …

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General 131: Unallocated Income from Ilsham English Hub – is it yours?

Revenue have a number of income transactions for £250 from Ilsham English Hub, but are unable to identify the beneficiary schools – as the remittance advices have been requested to be sent direct to the school. If you have a …

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General 130: Project Bids for Invest to Save Summer 2019

Devon Education Forum (DEF) and School Finance Group (SFG) are inviting project bids to a time limited fund.

The project bid will focus on work within SEND with the intention of improving practice in the SEND system across schools and …

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