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General 113: Cheque Banking

Revenue have received a letter from the Post Office (27/06/18) saying that they have received a damaged A5 envelope that looks like it may have come from a school. Unfortunately they are unable to identify which school as all the …

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Funding 32: SEN Report Schedules Available on AnyComms

Please be advised that following on from the SEN Funding changes letter, the report schedules are now available to download from AnyComms.…

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General 112: Important Changes to Cash Banking

Santander are changing their rules on their coin deposits from August 18. This process will affect the way you bank, so you may want to find an alternative way to bank your income.

Other available options are:

  1. G4S collection,

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Monitoring & Reporting 54: Payroll Corrections for Month 1 and 2

In accordance with the most recent blog about CFR 2018/19, Devon Finance have informed Payroll of the changes required in relation to CFR codes E02 and E03. Payments made by Payroll will comply with the new guidance as of …

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Monitoring & Reporting 53: Consistent Financial Reporting 2018-19

The Department for Education (DfE) have published guidance relating to Consistent Financial Reporting (CFR) for the financial year 2018-19. You can access the updated information on the Schools Finance Webpages. This is for local authority maintained schools and local

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